How to love yourself with no makeup on❤️

Hello lovely readers 💕

For a while I struggled to look at my face without any makeup or even go out without wearing it because I felt so unconfident and hated the way I looked. It was a bad time for me as the more I thought about it the worse I got when it came to the amount of makeup I wore and my skin suffered badly. As a result of the many layers of makeup my skin suffered in break outs and I made the decision to start looking after it. When my skin started clear up I became more confident and started to love my skin and you can do this to!

I’ve written this blog post today in order to help others with their skin. The first thing I started to do was wash my face every morning and night, not with any fancy products just products from the boots skincare range and I started to see a real difference. Then I went on to invest in more expensive products such as sanctuary spa. I know some peoples budget isn’t big enough for expensive brands but I would recommend putting more money into skincare rather than clothes and makeupas clean skin can provide confidence and make people feel better I think skincare is more important. Below I will list what my skin care routine is.

My skincare method

1. First I run a sink full of hot water and place a flannel in it 💦

2. After that I place the flannel on my face for a couple of seconds in order to relax my skin.

3. Then I reach for my no7 cleanser and gently rub this all over my face or the areas which I have worn makeup that day. By using a cleanser you can remove your makeup easily especially harsh makeup like mascara or eyebrow products. Another alternative to a cleanser is coconut oil.(

4. After doing that I wash the cleanser off using water and a flannel and reach for my sanctuary spa facial wash which is a moisturisig face wash which is amazing!! In order to wash my face I use an electronic brush however using your hands is just as good.(

5. Once I have washed off my face wash I grab my sanctuary spa pore treatment and spray it all over my face and rub it into the skin and wait until it has dried. By doing this I’m closing up the pores which where opened when washing my face in addition to it makes applying anything on to my face an easier task(

6. Finally I mix a bit of tea tree oil in with my garnier moisture boost moisturiser to help with spots and then moisturise it into my face. (

Another thing I did on top of this was drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day and get to bed at a decent time and stopped using baby wipes on my skin as they just made my face worse.💤❤️

Thank you so much for reading my blog today it means a lot and I hope you’ve got some tips❤️ p.s you look beautiful today xoxo


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