Kylie Jenner lip kit review (koko k)

Hey everyone❤️

 So today I’m going to be writing a blog post reviewing Kylie Jenners lip kit in the shade koko k. The first thing I’m going to talk about the packaging which I love. Many of you will have seen it before, it is a white box which features lips on it with the shade of the lip product,then the sides have the block of colour. I feel like this goes well on any kind of makeup table. The bottle of the liquid lipstick has black writing on it and the bottle is clear. From the lid it has black drips which I think is really cool.  One of my favourite things is how the lip liner has a coloured tip so I can easily store it.The texture of lip liners is almost dreamy in my opinion to do the creamy and matte formula. In addition to they glide on lips so easily which is one of the reasons why they are so good. The texture of lipstick is non sticky and velvety feeling also very matte. I thought it would be uncomfortable to wear however surprisingly, it is a very comfortable formula. It goes on lips very nicely and evens out the look of lips. I would definitely recommend using lip scrub before using one of these,my favourite lip scrub is bubblegum from Lush. The formula is probably the best one I have tried so far among liquid lipsticks as it just feels like you are wearing a normal lipstick and it is non sticky which I love.It feels comfortable on lips, does not feather or bleed and it must definitely stays on for ages! Another thing I love about about this lipstick is the smell as it smells like a vanilla caramel which makes it even more appealing. The final thing I will say is that in order to remove it I have to use a strong cleanser which is good as I can rely them to stay on which is good but it’s also bad as I do have to really scrub to get it off my lips which can hurt. All together I do think this product is really good and would recommend it to other to use.

Below are some pictures❤️

Thankyou for reading lots of love evie❤️


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