My January makeup haul!❤️

So as many of you know over Christmas many people will be given money and vouchers which all get spent straight away in January. For my birthday and Christmas I got given quite a bit of makeup but also vouchers to buy more💜  I didn’t expect to get what I did so please don’t think I’m bragging because I’m not and my birthday and Christmas are right next to each other🎊🎊 here are a few of the things I got and bought

So let’s get into the haul of mine

BENEFIT HOW TO LOOK GOOD AR EVERYTHING SET. This set is honestly so good and I loved it. You get some decent stuff in it such as:a miniature foundation,boing 1 and 2 concealer, a porefessional primer and a setting powder along with a small brush.BENEFIT BLUSHING BABE SET

This was one of my favourite new things. I had never tried any benefit blushes/bronzes before and this set included the majority of the ones that they do! I never though I would like wearing blush but this set has made me fall in love with it especially the shade ‘Coralista’ this set can just go with so many looks which I think is amazing. In addition to it comes in a metal case to protect the inside. Finally the set comes with a there real mascara and a there real push up liner which I think is amazing!


I had heard of this company before and really wanted to try the brand to see if they were good. This brand is relatively cheap and I got the eye shadows and postage for £10 I think. There were mixed reviews about the palette however I thought to just buy it with some of the money I got for my birthday. When it came it was so good,the packaging looks professional and the inside was so pretty and the colours were colours which could be used for anything due to them being neutral. 


This lipstick is such a cute pink shade and the name drew me to it. I got this off my best friends for my birthday and I love it. The packaging is so nice as its metal and the quality of it is amazing. I got it in a comfort matte as I love matte lipsticks but they usually dry my lips out however this doesn’t.

Thankyou for reading this blog post I know I haven’t been to active but I am going to try to as I’ve got back into the the routine of school and will put time aside to write this blog for whoever wants to read it.

You look gorgeous today,love Evie ❤️


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