January favourites❤️💜❤️

Hey readers,

So today I have decided to do my January favourites, even though it isn’t the end of January yet I felt the urge to write this post. In my opion I feel like January has gone so fast but this might just be because I have been focusing on school. I always feel like in January is when change comes due to new year and the goals people want to achieve in it. This month I have tried to become more positive and push my self harder. During this month I have been trying new things and experimenting different looks. In addition to my everyday makeup look has changed but I will post another blog post on this. I hope you enjoy reading my favourites and if you have any suggestions please comment them as I would appreciate it very much.

My first favourite is the’TOO FACED SWEET TEA BRONZER’ I originally got this bronzer as I wanted to try a too faced product however when I bought it I didn’t use it a lot and I felt like I had spent more than I should and wasted money. After watching a youtuber called Jess conte getting her makeup done for her wedding day I was inspired to use it again. The make up artist used it to tan her face up and I thought about using the product again and I fell in love. I now use this everyday,I enjoy how it has two sides to it and that it can be used as a bronzer and a highlighter. For me I just swirl a fluffy brush in it and then put it on my forehead and cheek bones. I would recommend this bronzer as in my opion it just works amazing however the price may put people off at £25.

My next favourites are my ‘RIMMEL KATE MOSS LIPSTICKS’ I bought these ages ago but haven’t really worn them until this month. One is in shade 01 and is a bright red and the other is in 32 which is a peachy tone. I had heard good things about them and wanted to try them,when I first got them I wasn’t a massive lipstick fan so they just got put in a draw but this month I have worn lipstick everyday and tried these. I find the peach tone one easy to wear as it compliments my skin tone and the formula is lovely, I like the red one a lot but can only wear it at weekends due to its red colour. These were only £5 each which I think is decent and at the moment they are my favourite drug store lipstick. Finally, I like the simplicity of their packaging, as you can see in the picture they are just black with ‘Kate X’ written on it in red.

My next favourites are two hand creams. One is honey mania from the body shop and the other is honey and grape seed from burt’s bees. Both of these hand creams are super hydrating and as many of you will know the cold weather of winter makes our skin dry up❄️. I struggle with getting cracked skin on my hands if they don’t get moisturised which can sometimes hurt. At Christmas I got given so many hand creams and these to have just worked so well,in addition to the smell makes them 10x better as the smell of honey is amazing to me. Every day I have used one of these and I always have one in my school bag to put on at break and lunch. If you have dry skin I would say to use one of these or another one from body shop as they have so many scents and for £4 you get a lot of product. To cure my January skin problems these have just been heaven.

My final favourite is my good old trusted ‘URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE’ which is still as beautiful as when I first got it. In my opinion this is the best eyeshadow palette ever as the looks you can create endless amount of looks with the 12 shade palette. This month I have been specifically been using the colours:buff,naked,sin and side car to create an every day look as they are so easy to blend and just look good on my skin tone. The glitters in the palette are super pigmented and can be built up to make a dramatic look or just steeped over the eyelid everyday which I find really good. Furthermore I really like the packaging as its suede and feels nice to hold but it also comes with a rectangle mirror which is good as I can just use the mirror within that to do my makeup look. This month I have been reaching for this so much and have been experimenting to see what sort of looks it can create.

Thankyou for reading this post,like I said before if you have any suggestions comment them below also like and subscribe to my blog as it would mean a lot. I hope your January’s have been good and have been filled with happiness.

Lots of love evie❤️ xx

P.s you look beautiful


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