Hey readers❤️Today I am going to be reviewing the ‘URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN FOUNDATION’. So the other day I was at the urban decay counter just having a look at their products. I was mainly focusing on their face/base products as I already own some of their eye products. For a while I have been looking for a decent foundation which matches my type of skin. Urban decay have four types of foundations so I asked the makeup artist on the counter which one would be best for me,she recommended the ‘naked skin’ foundation as its a medium coverage and leaves a semi-matte finish for a natural look. She sat me down and colour matched me which was very helpful as I can never pick the correct colour for my self,this means problems when buying a drugstore foundation😟. I then got a two weeks supply of the foundation for free which means I will be able to test it out some more to decide wether or not to buy the full size at £27.
I have now tested this foundation out twice and have had some good results. I have found that this foundation blends really well in to my skin and doesn’t leave me feeling like I have a lot of dirt on my face, some people may relate to this as when you wear certain product it can just feel like you have something bad on your face. While wearing it, I didn’t feel like I was wearing foundation and it looked quite natural on me however it did dry up around my spots which was quite annoying and obviously shows off the imperfections on my face. However I did like the formula as it was quite runny and not thick meaning a little bit went a long way. The first time I use it I didn’t use a primer before wearing it to see what it was like and it didn’t go on very well, then the second time I used the ‘BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL’. When using the primer the foundation went on amazingly so if you are going to try it I would recommend using a primer. You can wear this foundation on its own and it look good but if you want to wear it all day you can set it with powder and it will still look good and not cakey. I feel like I will be able to wear this to school and not look like I’m wearing too much heavy makeup. In my opinion I still feel like I need to continue using this product before I decide wether or not it is worth buying the full size but I do think it is a great foundation which complements the skin. I would recommend this to people who want a natural looking face of makeup and don’t want heavy coverage. Finally if you want to try this foundation or the urban decay all nighter foundation you can for free, you just need to to to an urban decay counter now and request a 2 week free sample. Below is a picture of me wearing the foundation(on the left) excuse the fact I have no other makeup on💜

Thankyou for reading lots of love Evie ❤️

P.s you look wonderful!!


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