5 products I can’t live without❤️

Hey readers❤️

 So today’s blog post is going to be about 5 makeup products I couldn’t live without. For me I don’t feel like I need to wear a full face of makeup everyday however I do have 5 favourite bits of makeup which I wear in literally every makeup look. So I hope you enjoy reading this post and are having a lovely week so far🌸 now let’s get into the post….

1. My first product which I can’t live without is my ‘BENEFIT THEY’RE REAL’ mascara. This mascar is literally amazing! It really lengthens lashes and draws attention to the eyes. I wear this product everyday, for school I only use it on the top lashes however on the weekend I use it on the upper and lower lashes. For me this mascara is so worth the money as I have the full size also the miniature. I never leave home without putting it on or taking it with me.

2. My second product is the ‘MUA MATTE PERFECT DOUNDATION’ I don’t actually use this product as a foundation but actually as an eyelid primer. It makes my eye makeup look good and stay on all day and for only a £1 it’s affordable and shows you don’t need to spend loads on a specialised ey primer. I love how it’s matte and just leaves a lovely base which is easy to work with. I don’t use this everyday as I don’t wear eye makeup everyday however I always use it when I do decide to do my eye makeup. I recommend anyone looking for an eye primer get this from super drug.

3. My next product is my ‘READY SET BROW GEL FROM BENEFIT’ this eyebrow gel is honestly heaven. My eyebrows always feel the need to move around and ended up looking horrendous so using a brow gel is essential to keeping them in place. At the moment I’m growing my brows so they do look a bit weirdly shaped however when I use the brow gels the hairs can go in the direction I want them. This product is £20 but I have the miniature of it and I love it so much that I will buy the full size when I run out.

4. Now the fourth product is my ‘TOO FACED SWEET TEA BRONZER’ I have talked about this in another blog post but I just love it so much. It can easily bronze my face up and make me look sun kissed in addition to I can use the lighter side of the bronzer to highlight. I find the fact that the bronzer is two halves good as it means you get two shades for one. For bronzing I just mix the two togethe, like I said before for highlighting I use the lighter side and you can also use the product for contouring the eyes. This is a definite in my everyday  makeup routine.

5. My final product is my trusted ‘AVON LIPSTICK’ this lipstick is honestly my favourite lipstick ever. The texture of it is so creamy and the colour pigmentation in it is amazing. My one is in the shade ‘toasted rose’ which is a pinkish purple colour very similar to Mac twig. These lipsticks are so cheap and the quality is so good. The shade range is also quite big so would completely recommend someone to get one. I wear mine all the time and can’t wait to get more.
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Much love from evie❤️Ps. You look really good xx


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