Why you should wear lipgloss again👄

Hey lovely readers❤️I know I haven’t posted recently and I am so sorry for that as I have been busy with school but as you can tell from the title I am going to be writing a post about lipgloss today. Lipgloss is a very long product to talk about as many people have different ideas about it. Som people may find it sticky and horrible to wear meanwhile others may find lipgloss flattering and a product which can go with anything. In my opinion I love lipgloss and hear are a few reasons why I think you should start wearing It again because as some of you may know it used to be the fashion before matte lipsticks.
A good lipgloss can make your lips appear plumper and give them a nice rounded look

    Because of the way gloss reflects and absorbs light, it can often make one’s lips appear fuller than they actually are. Depending on the quality of the lipgloss depends on how well it does this I would recommend any of the soap and glory lip glosses for the best effects.Lipsticks and liquid lipsticks can sometimes make lips look flat also dry. So if you’re searching for that voluminous touch, just opt for a gloss to get you there.


2. The formula of lipgloss is non drying and moisturising 

  Liquid lipsticks and other kinds of lipsticks which tend to be mattes, are easily drying, and damage the lips if they aren’t moisturised. Don’t even start me on a rant about the stains they can cause 😂. There is one lip product you’ll never have to worry about when it comes to dryness and cracks? Lipgloss. Many of the new formulas companies have brought out are very moisturizing, leaving your lips with a soft feel to them while your lips look glossy and classy. One of my favourite lip glosses for this is Dallas by Benefit as I love the colour but also the way it feels on my lips.
3. You can get so many colours!

The amount of choice in colours you can now get is crazy and goes beyond the classics colours such as nude and pink tones which some people may find boring. There is probably going to be a makeup company somewhere who does the most bizarre colours you could think about from black to purple to yellow you just have to search for them. In addition to from the looks of things statement lip colours are in fashion and why not make a statement with a coloured lipgloss. My favourite company for selection of colours defiantly has to be Make Up Forever as they have a lot of choice I have a plexigloss in the shade 104.
4. It is super easy to apply and re-apply 

Different to other lip products such as lip liners and lipstick, lipgloss is usually easy to apply due to the applicator that come with it. The you don’t require a brush or a mirror as you can just apply it and rub your lips together to spread it out it’s as easy as that. Then when you need to re-apply your lipgloss when your on the go you can just get it out of your bag and swish it on.
Thank you for reading my blog post today I hope you are all well and enjoyed reading this don’t forget to like this post and comment what you’d like to see on my blog in the future. It would also mean a lot if you subscribed to keep up to date on my posts.

Lots of love Evie ❤️

P.s you look 10/10 today 


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