YouTube made me buy it🤔

Hey lovely readers💜

Today as you can tell from the title I am going to be talking about makeup which YouTube inspired me to buy. Many of these products you have probably seen in other YouTube made me buy it posts/videos but I hope you enjoy reading this post and are having a good day. So let’s get on it the post->

Urban Decay-Naked palette 1

I bought this palette due to the amount of youtubers who owned it and did makeup tutorials with it. In addition to the whole Naked collection was hyped about and seen as the must have product to own. I loved how the palette had 12 colours with a mixture of glitters and 2 mattes(Buck and naked). I have used this palette ever since I got it as the colours are easy to blend and create looks with. It definitely has to be one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes.

Benefit-Hoola bronzer

When I first started getting into makeup and watching YouTube this bronzer was mentioned what felt like a million times but various makeup gurus. One youtuber in particular who influenced me to buy it was Summer Mckeen as she owned so many and used the product in every makeup tutorial. For me it was either Hoola bronzer or the Nars Laguna bronzer that ever seemed to be mentioned. I now own four Hoola bronzer due to being gifted them however it isn’t my favourite bronzer due to it sometimes appearing orange on me but would recommend it as a good contour shade.

Urban decay-Primer potion

Until I saw this product being talked about on YouTube I never knew there was such a thing as eyeshadow primer. It seemed like every beauty lover was raving about the primer potion or a too faced one. Thirteen year old me thought it was amazing just because of the packaging which looks like a potion pot. I now realise that it isn’t that great and cheaper versions can do the job just as good. As you can see I do still own one however I don’t think they are worth the hype if I’m being honest.

Mac-Twig lipstick

For me getting a Mac lipstick was the most exciting thing in the world as everyone who was good at makeup seemed to have at least one. All I would see over YouTube was Mac lipstick collections and favourite videos featuring a Mac lipstick. To me the packaging was aesthetically pleasing and tumblr like which in my mind made them a great product haha. I got mine in the shade twig which is a satin finish. It was my find lipstick I ever got and I enjoyed it for ages but now I have found other lipsticks which I love more but I still do wear my Mac one often.

Benefit- Porefessional face primer

After I discovered eye primer I then discovered face primer. The one which seemed to be mentioned the most had to be Porefessional and since I didn’t hear anything bad about it I wanted it to see how it worked. To be honest I didn’t think that it would do anything for me as I’m not a big fan of foundation however it gave my skin a great finish even without wearing foundation so I wear it everyday and it’s an essential for me now. So I thank YouTube for introducing me to it.

Kylie Jenner lipkit

I didn’t buy this my sister got me it for my birthday but YouTube influenced me to want it. If I’m being honest this product was so overhyped and so expensive for what it is. I do really like mine and it does stay on all day however the lip liner is easy to break due to it needing to be sharpened. So many you tubers had at least one lip kit and made them out to be amazing but for £30 I don’t believe it is worth the price and I prefer the Nyx liquid lipsticks. I use mine on various occasions but I don’t wear it as often as cheaper lip products.

Benefit- Ka-brow

I only recently started filling my eyebrows in due to the massive Instagram eyebrow craze. I always struggled to use powder to fill them in as it appeared patching and never matched my hair colour correctly so they looked weird. On YouTube I saw a lot of makeup gurus using abh dipbrow and other pomades so I decided to buy one for myself. I bought Ka-brow and I fell in love so Thankyou all you makeup gurus out there who recommend using a pomade as my eyebrows now match my hair and look the correct way.

Nyx- Cinnamon blush

YouTube didn’t recommend me to buy this exact product however many people were using Nyx products and saying how they were good quality and relatively cheap. I’m not a massive blush person so I didn’t have high hopes for this blush but I love it. It only cost me £3 and the quality is just amazing. I don’t use it everyday however whenever I want a blush I reach for this one.

Thank you for reading this post today it means so much,I hoped you enjoyed it!

Lots of love Evie ❤️

P.s- you look outstanding today darling xx


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