All about concealers👝

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Welcome to my blog post,today I’m going to be talking about concealer and colour correcting. All over Instagram I see makeup gurus doing colour correcting and seeing how effective it is due to this I decided to write a blog post on it. A good concealer can hide many things but there are so many out there to choose from which can cause problems. People can easily get into the trap of using a highlighter for concealer which only brightens the area. Most people are happy using just one concealer however if you are wanting to cover up redness or darkness imperfection on the face then it is worth the money investing in different coloured concealers. So let’s get on with the blog post ->

Dark circles⚫️

Many of us will experience having dark under eye circles,this could be because of being dehydrated or not having enough sleep. It is recommend that for this problem you use a salmon pink concealer to cover up darkness(Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown have great salmon concealers in this shade). The orange tones in the concealer will contribute to balancing out the purple and blue tones under the eyes. In addition to the pink tone helps to brighten under the eyes giving the appearance of being more awake.


Spots are a problem everyone ends up having in their life. It is easy to get spots everyone on the face and they can lead people to being really self conscious. For us we can feel like we have a volcano on our face when it’s the smallest thing ever😂. For blemishes it is recommend that people use cream concealer especially an antibacterial one( I recommend Witch Hide and and clear concealer for this) as instead of making the blemish worse it will actually help reduce its size. 


In my opinion redness is probably one of the most frustrating thing to have on your face. This is the only time that putting concealer on under foundation is recommended as you put it on to even out the redness, after putting concealer on you then apply your foundation. For covering redness you need to go for a green-toned or yellow-toned concealer as these colours balance out the redness and get rid of it. You can find green concealers from various brands but in my opinion I would recommend Urban decay or the Nyx colour correcting palette.

Yellow undertones💛

Some people experience the problem of having a dull,pasty and yellow completing which is hard to brighten. If you use a purple concealer the face gets a beautiful glow with the yellow undertones gone. Purple gets rid of yellow undertones due to it being directly across from it on the colour wheel. As you can probably guess I recommend the purple concealer from La Girl as its cheap and works really well.


In order to highlight your face using concealer it is recommended that you use either a white coloured concealer or a concealer two shades lighter than your foundation. By using a concealer to highlight it ensures that it’s not shimmery and can be natural looking just depending on how bold you want it to be. You apply the highlighter in triangles under the eyes,in a triangle on the forehead, on your chin and down the bridge of your nose . A popular highlighter is the iconic YSL Touché Éclat.

How to apply concealer 🖌

Different people like to apply concealer differently but I recommend using brushes or a beauty blender to apply foundation because using fingers can make the skin oily. If you use a brush to apply concealer I would recommend warming the product up on your hand first. By using a wet beauty blender it avoids the concealer looking cakey. 

Where to apply👸🏼

With concealer you don’t want to apply too much and that it only goes where you may need it. For applying concealer to spots you just want to take a little bit on a brush and blend it into where the spot is,this will give a natural looking finish with not too much product on the area. For your under eyes you apply the concealer in a triangle shape. Because of the shape the concealer is in the areas which need it are being covered and the concealer is not straying to the outer corner of the eye where it tends to get cakey. 

When to apply concealer ⏱
It’s up to you when you apply concealer and many makeup artists say different times to put it on. I recommend that you put it on after you’ve applied your foundation so you don’t need up wiping your concealer away

Making concealer last on the face👸🏽

To make concealer last on the face you need to ensure that you lightly apply powder to the areas which have product on them. This will hopefully make sure you don’t need to keep applying product onto your face throughout the day/night.

Thank you for reading this post today and I hope that this post was helpful to some people. I really enjoyed writing this post and I learnt some new things from writing it myself. Please like and comment and don’t forget to subscribe if you aren’t already ❤️ much love Evie xx

P.s-always remember to wear your invisible crown👑


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