Reviewing benefit miniatures

benefit mini review.jpgHello lovely readers,

For todays post I have decided to talk about the various Benefit miniatures that I have. Over the past couple of months I have collected many, ranging from ‘dew the hoola’ to ‘there real mascara’. I have always loved how you can buy the Benefit miniatures in Boots on their own,while other companies only have miniatures in their gift set. I have got the ones I have through buying them in Boots, getting them free in magazines, being gifted them and getting a few in gift sets. For this post I am only going to review a few otherwise I would be here for ages, so lets get on with the post ->

Dew the Hoola

When I saw this in a magazine I was very excited as Benefits Hoola is a great bronzer, which is matte and cool toned enough to contour with. I was so shocked when they created it in liquid form. The first time I used to it was unsure as I didn’t fully understand what to do with it however after seeing others work with it I eventually able to apply it correctly. In my opinion the finish of this product is so flattering. As I expected there is no shimmer or shine in the formula leaving the skin with just a gorgeous healthy glow and beautiful dewy skin. For me I love this product as it just looks so natural, so it’s perfect for an everyday look or perfect for spring time. It is really easy to work with and melts into foundation/skin. one of the reasons why this is such a good mini is that you need the smallest amount meaning the product lasts ages.

Gimme Brow

My favourite method of filling in my brows is pencil or brow pomade, but I picked this miniature up to see how it would work. For me I was unsure of how it would work as you could only get it in shade 1 and shade 5 so the lightest and the darkest shades.It is described as a ‘brush-on fibre gel and it adheres to the skin and hair creating fuller, natural looking brows.’ For me I didn’t find this product natural looking as it did come up very dark however I did like the look as my brows have always been very light. On the miniature the wand is so small which is good and bad. It is good as it means you can easily have control yet it can easily drop from hands. The gimme brow grabs hold of every hair and makes them seem fuller, the only bad thing is that if you brows aren’t in shape and you have stray hairs it brings attention to them. Once this product was on it stayed all day though. To close, I would not buy this product in full size as I do think it is over priced but £5 for a miniature I think is decent if the shades are right for you.

Hoola Bronzer

After hearing so many raving reviews about this product I was desperate to try it. In addition to when finding out they had miniatures of the bronzer it made me put it on my make up wish list. Just like the full size Hoola it comes with the mirror and a brush which is great for travelling.My favourite part about the bronzer is its colour which seems to be universal. Recently I have become quite pale due to it being winter so some of my favourite bronzers are making me look a tad orange however this one isn’t. The colour of this bronzer is so lovely. Just like it promises there is no shimmer in it and is completely matte making it perfect for contouring, for bronzing and being used as an eye shadow. In my opinion this has to be one of the best Benefit minis as it’s so cute, practical and perfect to just shove in my handbag. Furthermore it may be small but it lasts forever!


Where do I start with the poressional, I love it! This is honestly one of the best face primer ever(there’s a reason why it’s a best seller). With its full price being at £24 I had always stayed away from it being worried I would be wasting my money but luckily my sister got me the deluxe miniature (9.95) for my birthday and I understood why so many people were raving about it. It smooths over the skin and just feels so soft when touched, leaving a perfect base for foundation. In addition to it can be used for touch up during the day and due to its mini size you can just put it in your bag and bring it out when needed. From research I also found that Porefessional has a vitamin e derivative in it meaning it’s great for dry skin,It’s also oil free, so people with oily skin can use it too. Other reviews say that this primer runs out quickly but from my experience mine has lasted me ages and you only need a small amount. Finally, for this product I love the packaging of it and I find it super cute.

Thankyou for reading my lovelies and I hoped you liked his post

Lots of love Evie ❤️

P.s-never forget you are beautiful  



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