January favourites❤️💜❤️

Hey readers,

So today I have decided to do my January favourites, even though it isn’t the end of January yet I felt the urge to write this post. In my opion I feel like January has gone so fast but this might just be because I have been focusing on school. I always feel like in January is when change comes due to new year and the goals people want to achieve in it. This month I have tried to become more positive and push my self harder. During this month I have been trying new things and experimenting different looks. In addition to my everyday makeup look has changed but I will post another blog post on this. I hope you enjoy reading my favourites and if you have any suggestions please comment them as I would appreciate it very much.

My first favourite is the’TOO FACED SWEET TEA BRONZER’ I originally got this bronzer as I wanted to try a too faced product however when I bought it I didn’t use it a lot and I felt like I had spent more than I should and wasted money. After watching a youtuber called Jess conte getting her makeup done for her wedding day I was inspired to use it again. The make up artist used it to tan her face up and I thought about using the product again and I fell in love. I now use this everyday,I enjoy how it has two sides to it and that it can be used as a bronzer and a highlighter. For me I just swirl a fluffy brush in it and then put it on my forehead and cheek bones. I would recommend this bronzer as in my opion it just works amazing however the price may put people off at £25.

My next favourites are my ‘RIMMEL KATE MOSS LIPSTICKS’ I bought these ages ago but haven’t really worn them until this month. One is in shade 01 and is a bright red and the other is in 32 which is a peachy tone. I had heard good things about them and wanted to try them,when I first got them I wasn’t a massive lipstick fan so they just got put in a draw but this month I have worn lipstick everyday and tried these. I find the peach tone one easy to wear as it compliments my skin tone and the formula is lovely, I like the red one a lot but can only wear it at weekends due to its red colour. These were only £5 each which I think is decent and at the moment they are my favourite drug store lipstick. Finally, I like the simplicity of their packaging, as you can see in the picture they are just black with ‘Kate X’ written on it in red.

My next favourites are two hand creams. One is honey mania from the body shop and the other is honey and grape seed from burt’s bees. Both of these hand creams are super hydrating and as many of you will know the cold weather of winter makes our skin dry up❄️. I struggle with getting cracked skin on my hands if they don’t get moisturised which can sometimes hurt. At Christmas I got given so many hand creams and these to have just worked so well,in addition to the smell makes them 10x better as the smell of honey is amazing to me. Every day I have used one of these and I always have one in my school bag to put on at break and lunch. If you have dry skin I would say to use one of these or another one from body shop as they have so many scents and for £4 you get a lot of product. To cure my January skin problems these have just been heaven.

My final favourite is my good old trusted ‘URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE’ which is still as beautiful as when I first got it. In my opinion this is the best eyeshadow palette ever as the looks you can create endless amount of looks with the 12 shade palette. This month I have been specifically been using the colours:buff,naked,sin and side car to create an every day look as they are so easy to blend and just look good on my skin tone. The glitters in the palette are super pigmented and can be built up to make a dramatic look or just steeped over the eyelid everyday which I find really good. Furthermore I really like the packaging as its suede and feels nice to hold but it also comes with a rectangle mirror which is good as I can just use the mirror within that to do my makeup look. This month I have been reaching for this so much and have been experimenting to see what sort of looks it can create.

Thankyou for reading this post,like I said before if you have any suggestions comment them below also like and subscribe to my blog as it would mean a lot. I hope your January’s have been good and have been filled with happiness.

Lots of love evie❤️ xx

P.s you look beautiful


Kylie Jenner lip kit review (koko k)

Hey everyone❤️

 So today I’m going to be writing a blog post reviewing Kylie Jenners lip kit in the shade koko k. The first thing I’m going to talk about the packaging which I love. Many of you will have seen it before, it is a white box which features lips on it with the shade of the lip product,then the sides have the block of colour. I feel like this goes well on any kind of makeup table. The bottle of the liquid lipstick has black writing on it and the bottle is clear. From the lid it has black drips which I think is really cool.  One of my favourite things is how the lip liner has a coloured tip so I can easily store it.The texture of lip liners is almost dreamy in my opinion to do the creamy and matte formula. In addition to they glide on lips so easily which is one of the reasons why they are so good. The texture of lipstick is non sticky and velvety feeling also very matte. I thought it would be uncomfortable to wear however surprisingly, it is a very comfortable formula. It goes on lips very nicely and evens out the look of lips. I would definitely recommend using lip scrub before using one of these,my favourite lip scrub is bubblegum from Lush. The formula is probably the best one I have tried so far among liquid lipsticks as it just feels like you are wearing a normal lipstick and it is non sticky which I love.It feels comfortable on lips, does not feather or bleed and it must definitely stays on for ages! Another thing I love about about this lipstick is the smell as it smells like a vanilla caramel which makes it even more appealing. The final thing I will say is that in order to remove it I have to use a strong cleanser which is good as I can rely them to stay on which is good but it’s also bad as I do have to really scrub to get it off my lips which can hurt. All together I do think this product is really good and would recommend it to other to use.

Below are some pictures❤️

Thankyou for reading lots of love evie❤️

 My January makeup haul!❤️

So as many of you know over Christmas many people will be given money and vouchers which all get spent straight away in January. For my birthday and Christmas I got given quite a bit of makeup but also vouchers to buy more💜  I didn’t expect to get what I did so please don’t think I’m bragging because I’m not and my birthday and Christmas are right next to each other🎊🎊 here are a few of the things I got and bought

So let’s get into the haul of mine

BENEFIT HOW TO LOOK GOOD AR EVERYTHING SET. This set is honestly so good and I loved it. You get some decent stuff in it such as:a miniature foundation,boing 1 and 2 concealer, a porefessional primer and a setting powder along with a small brush.BENEFIT BLUSHING BABE SET

This was one of my favourite new things. I had never tried any benefit blushes/bronzes before and this set included the majority of the ones that they do! I never though I would like wearing blush but this set has made me fall in love with it especially the shade ‘Coralista’ this set can just go with so many looks which I think is amazing. In addition to it comes in a metal case to protect the inside. Finally the set comes with a there real mascara and a there real push up liner which I think is amazing!


I had heard of this company before and really wanted to try the brand to see if they were good. This brand is relatively cheap and I got the eye shadows and postage for £10 I think. There were mixed reviews about the palette however I thought to just buy it with some of the money I got for my birthday. When it came it was so good,the packaging looks professional and the inside was so pretty and the colours were colours which could be used for anything due to them being neutral. 


This lipstick is such a cute pink shade and the name drew me to it. I got this off my best friends for my birthday and I love it. The packaging is so nice as its metal and the quality of it is amazing. I got it in a comfort matte as I love matte lipsticks but they usually dry my lips out however this doesn’t.

Thankyou for reading this blog post I know I haven’t been to active but I am going to try to as I’ve got back into the the routine of school and will put time aside to write this blog for whoever wants to read it.

You look gorgeous today,love Evie ❤️

It’s the most wonderful time of the year(for makeup)

Hello my lovely Merry Christmas⭐️🎊

So I am aware I haven’t posted in a while and that has been for numerous reasons but I’m back now and posting a new blog every week so hit that follow button❤️. As you can tell from the title today I am going to be talking about makeup and Christmas which go perfectly together. This year there have been so many amazing Christmas makeup sets from various brands and today I thought I would write about the ones which loved and and some which I got also other beauty things I received for Christmas.

The first set I am going to talk about is the Benefit ‘girls just wanna have fun palette’. I had my eyes on this palette since I first saw it in boots. This palette was a boots exclusive and cost £29.50. Within it you got various products including: a miniature benetint, a miniature hoola bronzer, a miniature there real mascara, a miniature gimme brow in shade 3 (perfect for dusty blondes/light Browns) and three eye shadows which are all glittery. In my opinion I felt like this palette was so worth the money and you got decent things for your money. I had this on my Christmas list and my granny got it me for my birthday which btw is 24th December ⭐️.  When I tried it out I loved the eye shadows which surprised me. I found them pigmented and perfect for any occasion. 

The next gift set I’m going to talk about I was so upset about not being able to get it. As some of you may know two face had a Sephora exclusive set but due to me living in England it would have cost the bomb to buy😒. The set cost $55 I think. It included an eyeshadow palette, some of there lip products and a better than sex mascara. The set was honestly stunning and I’m so jealous of whoever got it.

The third set Of makeup I’m going to talk about is the MAC nutcracker collection which they released for Christmas. I fell in love with the packaging let alone the makeup which is even more stunning. The collection included brushes,lipsticks, eye shadows and more. It focuses in on pinks and purples which I loved about the collection. recently MAC have reduced the collection and I think I’m going to order some of the collection as it is completely worth the money in my opinion.

Like I said before it was birthday and Christmas days in a row and for them I received some makeup. Some of the palettes/sets I received were :benefit ‘how to look best at everything’, benefit ‘girls just wanna have fun’ and benefit ‘blushing babe’ I think which includes all the box products benefit does. Some other makeup products I got were ‘Ka brow’, an Urban Decay lipstick also some benefit minatures and a Mac eyeshadow. I hope you have all had a lovely night Christmas and are enjoying the festive season and have all had some lovely gifts

Lots of love Evie❤️

Ps. You looks wonderful today 🌸

How to love yourself with no makeup on❤️

Hello lovely readers 💕

For a while I struggled to look at my face without any makeup or even go out without wearing it because I felt so unconfident and hated the way I looked. It was a bad time for me as the more I thought about it the worse I got when it came to the amount of makeup I wore and my skin suffered badly. As a result of the many layers of makeup my skin suffered in break outs and I made the decision to start looking after it. When my skin started clear up I became more confident and started to love my skin and you can do this to!

I’ve written this blog post today in order to help others with their skin. The first thing I started to do was wash my face every morning and night, not with any fancy products just products from the boots skincare range and I started to see a real difference. Then I went on to invest in more expensive products such as sanctuary spa. I know some peoples budget isn’t big enough for expensive brands but I would recommend putting more money into skincare rather than clothes and makeupas clean skin can provide confidence and make people feel better I think skincare is more important. Below I will list what my skin care routine is.

My skincare method

1. First I run a sink full of hot water and place a flannel in it 💦

2. After that I place the flannel on my face for a couple of seconds in order to relax my skin.

3. Then I reach for my no7 cleanser and gently rub this all over my face or the areas which I have worn makeup that day. By using a cleanser you can remove your makeup easily especially harsh makeup like mascara or eyebrow products. Another alternative to a cleanser is coconut oil.(http://www.boots.com/en/No7-Beautiful-Skin-Melting-Gel-Cleanser-for-Normal-Dry-Skin-150ml_1245016/)

4. After doing that I wash the cleanser off using water and a flannel and reach for my sanctuary spa facial wash which is a moisturisig face wash which is amazing!! In order to wash my face I use an electronic brush however using your hands is just as good.(http://www.boots.com/en/Sanctuary-Spa-Moisture-Burst-Facial-Wash_1711745/)

5. Once I have washed off my face wash I grab my sanctuary spa pore treatment and spray it all over my face and rub it into the skin and wait until it has dried. By doing this I’m closing up the pores which where opened when washing my face in addition to it makes applying anything on to my face an easier task(http://www.boots.com/en/Sanctuary-Pore-Refining-Toner-30ml_1109901/)

6. Finally I mix a bit of tea tree oil in with my garnier moisture boost moisturiser to help with spots and then moisturise it into my face. (https://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/garnier-pure-active-spot-fighting-24-hour-moisturiser/prd-s5u?gclid=CKSq5ZOM7M4CFUeeGwodWDUEIA)

Another thing I did on top of this was drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day and get to bed at a decent time and stopped using baby wipes on my skin as they just made my face worse.💤❤️

Thank you so much for reading my blog today it means a lot and I hope you’ve got some tips❤️ p.s you look beautiful today xoxo

March favourites💅🏻

Hey gorgeous 🌷

So another month in this year has passed and I have been loving many things this month.So I’m quickly going to get on with this post.


My favourite thing this month has got to be high beam by benefit as it is literally amazing.I love this product because of how easy it was to use and blend in with my foundation. In addition to it last all day.At the weekend I have used this product if I have been in a rush as it means I can quickly highlight my cheekbones in about 2 minutes! Instead of spending ages contouring.

W7 in the buff palette

this palette is a dupe of the naked 2 palette and is great for an everyday look. I got this for Christmas and I haven’t stopped using it since however this month I have been using it a lot more for school as the shades are natural looking. The palette has 12 shades and comes in a metal tin and if you’ve read my previous blog post you’ll know that I love metal tins as they protect the eye shadows. You can get this palette for £5 which I think is a bargain if you don’t want to pay full price for the naked palette 2


Before purchasing these I read a lot of reviews on them which where all positive so I decided to get them. I got them back in December however only recently started using them after learning how to properly use them. For me they are a makeup bag essential due to the fact I can use them as blushes but also as lip tints instead of using lipsticks. Out of the two my favourite shade is poise tint due to the fact it’s more pinkish which is better for my skin. These are perfect for spring and I would recommend them to anyone.


this is my go to heat protector as it has worked miracles for me. For 4 year I died my hair bleach blonde which was damaging my hair and making it hard to look after. So in January I died all my hair to its natural colour which is brown. It’s only when I went to the hair dressers I realised just how bad my hair was so I got them to cut 5 inches off. After that I started using heat protectant and I found this one. During March I had to go out a lot so used a lot of heat on my hair so this has made sure my hair stays fresh and soft  and undamaged

thanks for reading 💐 p.s your looking perfect today

evie xoxo


Gwen stefani blush palette❤️


Hey readers 🌸

so the other day it was Easter and my parents gave me the urban decay blush palette! I’d seen it online and had fallen in love before getting it. I have always found that urban decay doesn’t harm my skin and is great so I would totally recommend the brand. I’ve inserted pictures of the palette and the colours swatched. As you can see the blushes,bronzes and high lights are all very pigmented meaning the product will last a long time.

In the palette you get:2 blushes,2 bronzes and 2 highlighters.The palette has been designed for pale/pinkish skin which is perfect for me as I don’t have very dark skin however I believe it can work on all skin tones.My favourite shade in the palette has to be angel  as it is glittery and highlights my cheekbones perfectly,furthermore it can contribute to a day or night look which is great.

The packaging is very simple and just says about the shades and the designer also it shows the different blsuhses on the back along with their names. When opened the inside has a hot pink and white spotty design which is very girly. My favourite part of the design is the actual palette as the case is metal so it protects the inside.Once opened it has a mirror and all the blushes alongside their names which I love.

i give this product a 9/10

thanks for reading 💖 p.s you look great

evie xoxo