Reviewing benefit miniatures

benefit mini review.jpgHello lovely readers,

For todays post I have decided to talk about the various Benefit miniatures that I have. Over the past couple of months I have collected many, ranging from ‘dew the hoola’ to ‘there real mascara’. I have always loved how you can buy the Benefit miniatures in Boots on their own,while other companies only have miniatures in their gift set. I have got the ones I have through buying them in Boots, getting them free in magazines, being gifted them and getting a few in gift sets. For this post I am only going to review a few otherwise I would be here for ages, so lets get on with the post ->

Dew the Hoola

When I saw this in a magazine I was very excited as Benefits Hoola is a great bronzer, which is matte and cool toned enough to contour with. I was so shocked when they created it in liquid form. The first time I used to it was unsure as I didn’t fully understand what to do with it however after seeing others work with it I eventually able to apply it correctly. In my opinion the finish of this product is so flattering. As I expected there is no shimmer or shine in the formula leaving the skin with just a gorgeous healthy glow and beautiful dewy skin. For me I love this product as it just looks so natural, so it’s perfect for an everyday look or perfect for spring time. It is really easy to work with and melts into foundation/skin. one of the reasons why this is such a good mini is that you need the smallest amount meaning the product lasts ages.

Gimme Brow

My favourite method of filling in my brows is pencil or brow pomade, but I picked this miniature up to see how it would work. For me I was unsure of how it would work as you could only get it in shade 1 and shade 5 so the lightest and the darkest shades.It is described as a ‘brush-on fibre gel and it adheres to the skin and hair creating fuller, natural looking brows.’ For me I didn’t find this product natural looking as it did come up very dark however I did like the look as my brows have always been very light. On the miniature the wand is so small which is good and bad. It is good as it means you can easily have control yet it can easily drop from hands. The gimme brow grabs hold of every hair and makes them seem fuller, the only bad thing is that if you brows aren’t in shape and you have stray hairs it brings attention to them. Once this product was on it stayed all day though. To close, I would not buy this product in full size as I do think it is over priced but £5 for a miniature I think is decent if the shades are right for you.

Hoola Bronzer

After hearing so many raving reviews about this product I was desperate to try it. In addition to when finding out they had miniatures of the bronzer it made me put it on my make up wish list. Just like the full size Hoola it comes with the mirror and a brush which is great for travelling.My favourite part about the bronzer is its colour which seems to be universal. Recently I have become quite pale due to it being winter so some of my favourite bronzers are making me look a tad orange however this one isn’t. The colour of this bronzer is so lovely. Just like it promises there is no shimmer in it and is completely matte making it perfect for contouring, for bronzing and being used as an eye shadow. In my opinion this has to be one of the best Benefit minis as it’s so cute, practical and perfect to just shove in my handbag. Furthermore it may be small but it lasts forever!


Where do I start with the poressional, I love it! This is honestly one of the best face primer ever(there’s a reason why it’s a best seller). With its full price being at £24 I had always stayed away from it being worried I would be wasting my money but luckily my sister got me the deluxe miniature (9.95) for my birthday and I understood why so many people were raving about it. It smooths over the skin and just feels so soft when touched, leaving a perfect base for foundation. In addition to it can be used for touch up during the day and due to its mini size you can just put it in your bag and bring it out when needed. From research I also found that Porefessional has a vitamin e derivative in it meaning it’s great for dry skin,It’s also oil free, so people with oily skin can use it too. Other reviews say that this primer runs out quickly but from my experience mine has lasted me ages and you only need a small amount. Finally, for this product I love the packaging of it and I find it super cute.

Thankyou for reading my lovelies and I hoped you liked his post

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P.s-never forget you are beautiful  



My daily skincare routine❤️🌹

Hello lovely readers❤️

Today I have decided to post a piece on my updated daily skincare routine, it has changed since I did a blog post on it a couple of months ago. I think it is so important to invest in good skin care product as makeup can’t look as good with bad skin. In addition to with good skin I feel confident. For this post I’ve definitely stepped out of my comfort zone, as you can see I made a video! I’m new to this and just trying out new things. I know my editing isn’t amazing and defiant key needs more work but I hope you like the video.

Lots of love evie❤️

Ps-you are so stunning!🌸

All about concealers👝

Hey lovelies❤️

Welcome to my blog post,today I’m going to be talking about concealer and colour correcting. All over Instagram I see makeup gurus doing colour correcting and seeing how effective it is due to this I decided to write a blog post on it. A good concealer can hide many things but there are so many out there to choose from which can cause problems. People can easily get into the trap of using a highlighter for concealer which only brightens the area. Most people are happy using just one concealer however if you are wanting to cover up redness or darkness imperfection on the face then it is worth the money investing in different coloured concealers. So let’s get on with the blog post ->

Dark circles⚫️

Many of us will experience having dark under eye circles,this could be because of being dehydrated or not having enough sleep. It is recommend that for this problem you use a salmon pink concealer to cover up darkness(Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown have great salmon concealers in this shade). The orange tones in the concealer will contribute to balancing out the purple and blue tones under the eyes. In addition to the pink tone helps to brighten under the eyes giving the appearance of being more awake.


Spots are a problem everyone ends up having in their life. It is easy to get spots everyone on the face and they can lead people to being really self conscious. For us we can feel like we have a volcano on our face when it’s the smallest thing ever😂. For blemishes it is recommend that people use cream concealer especially an antibacterial one( I recommend Witch Hide and and clear concealer for this) as instead of making the blemish worse it will actually help reduce its size. 


In my opinion redness is probably one of the most frustrating thing to have on your face. This is the only time that putting concealer on under foundation is recommended as you put it on to even out the redness, after putting concealer on you then apply your foundation. For covering redness you need to go for a green-toned or yellow-toned concealer as these colours balance out the redness and get rid of it. You can find green concealers from various brands but in my opinion I would recommend Urban decay or the Nyx colour correcting palette.

Yellow undertones💛

Some people experience the problem of having a dull,pasty and yellow completing which is hard to brighten. If you use a purple concealer the face gets a beautiful glow with the yellow undertones gone. Purple gets rid of yellow undertones due to it being directly across from it on the colour wheel. As you can probably guess I recommend the purple concealer from La Girl as its cheap and works really well.


In order to highlight your face using concealer it is recommended that you use either a white coloured concealer or a concealer two shades lighter than your foundation. By using a concealer to highlight it ensures that it’s not shimmery and can be natural looking just depending on how bold you want it to be. You apply the highlighter in triangles under the eyes,in a triangle on the forehead, on your chin and down the bridge of your nose . A popular highlighter is the iconic YSL Touché Éclat.

How to apply concealer 🖌

Different people like to apply concealer differently but I recommend using brushes or a beauty blender to apply foundation because using fingers can make the skin oily. If you use a brush to apply concealer I would recommend warming the product up on your hand first. By using a wet beauty blender it avoids the concealer looking cakey. 

Where to apply👸🏼

With concealer you don’t want to apply too much and that it only goes where you may need it. For applying concealer to spots you just want to take a little bit on a brush and blend it into where the spot is,this will give a natural looking finish with not too much product on the area. For your under eyes you apply the concealer in a triangle shape. Because of the shape the concealer is in the areas which need it are being covered and the concealer is not straying to the outer corner of the eye where it tends to get cakey. 

When to apply concealer ⏱
It’s up to you when you apply concealer and many makeup artists say different times to put it on. I recommend that you put it on after you’ve applied your foundation so you don’t need up wiping your concealer away

Making concealer last on the face👸🏽

To make concealer last on the face you need to ensure that you lightly apply powder to the areas which have product on them. This will hopefully make sure you don’t need to keep applying product onto your face throughout the day/night.

Thank you for reading this post today and I hope that this post was helpful to some people. I really enjoyed writing this post and I learnt some new things from writing it myself. Please like and comment and don’t forget to subscribe if you aren’t already ❤️ much love Evie xx

P.s-always remember to wear your invisible crown👑

YouTube made me buy it🤔

Hey lovely readers💜

Today as you can tell from the title I am going to be talking about makeup which YouTube inspired me to buy. Many of these products you have probably seen in other YouTube made me buy it posts/videos but I hope you enjoy reading this post and are having a good day. So let’s get on it the post->

Urban Decay-Naked palette 1

I bought this palette due to the amount of youtubers who owned it and did makeup tutorials with it. In addition to the whole Naked collection was hyped about and seen as the must have product to own. I loved how the palette had 12 colours with a mixture of glitters and 2 mattes(Buck and naked). I have used this palette ever since I got it as the colours are easy to blend and create looks with. It definitely has to be one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes.

Benefit-Hoola bronzer

When I first started getting into makeup and watching YouTube this bronzer was mentioned what felt like a million times but various makeup gurus. One youtuber in particular who influenced me to buy it was Summer Mckeen as she owned so many and used the product in every makeup tutorial. For me it was either Hoola bronzer or the Nars Laguna bronzer that ever seemed to be mentioned. I now own four Hoola bronzer due to being gifted them however it isn’t my favourite bronzer due to it sometimes appearing orange on me but would recommend it as a good contour shade.

Urban decay-Primer potion

Until I saw this product being talked about on YouTube I never knew there was such a thing as eyeshadow primer. It seemed like every beauty lover was raving about the primer potion or a too faced one. Thirteen year old me thought it was amazing just because of the packaging which looks like a potion pot. I now realise that it isn’t that great and cheaper versions can do the job just as good. As you can see I do still own one however I don’t think they are worth the hype if I’m being honest.

Mac-Twig lipstick

For me getting a Mac lipstick was the most exciting thing in the world as everyone who was good at makeup seemed to have at least one. All I would see over YouTube was Mac lipstick collections and favourite videos featuring a Mac lipstick. To me the packaging was aesthetically pleasing and tumblr like which in my mind made them a great product haha. I got mine in the shade twig which is a satin finish. It was my find lipstick I ever got and I enjoyed it for ages but now I have found other lipsticks which I love more but I still do wear my Mac one often.

Benefit- Porefessional face primer

After I discovered eye primer I then discovered face primer. The one which seemed to be mentioned the most had to be Porefessional and since I didn’t hear anything bad about it I wanted it to see how it worked. To be honest I didn’t think that it would do anything for me as I’m not a big fan of foundation however it gave my skin a great finish even without wearing foundation so I wear it everyday and it’s an essential for me now. So I thank YouTube for introducing me to it.

Kylie Jenner lipkit

I didn’t buy this my sister got me it for my birthday but YouTube influenced me to want it. If I’m being honest this product was so overhyped and so expensive for what it is. I do really like mine and it does stay on all day however the lip liner is easy to break due to it needing to be sharpened. So many you tubers had at least one lip kit and made them out to be amazing but for £30 I don’t believe it is worth the price and I prefer the Nyx liquid lipsticks. I use mine on various occasions but I don’t wear it as often as cheaper lip products.

Benefit- Ka-brow

I only recently started filling my eyebrows in due to the massive Instagram eyebrow craze. I always struggled to use powder to fill them in as it appeared patching and never matched my hair colour correctly so they looked weird. On YouTube I saw a lot of makeup gurus using abh dipbrow and other pomades so I decided to buy one for myself. I bought Ka-brow and I fell in love so Thankyou all you makeup gurus out there who recommend using a pomade as my eyebrows now match my hair and look the correct way.

Nyx- Cinnamon blush

YouTube didn’t recommend me to buy this exact product however many people were using Nyx products and saying how they were good quality and relatively cheap. I’m not a massive blush person so I didn’t have high hopes for this blush but I love it. It only cost me £3 and the quality is just amazing. I don’t use it everyday however whenever I want a blush I reach for this one.

Thank you for reading this post today it means so much,I hoped you enjoyed it!

Lots of love Evie ❤️

P.s- you look outstanding today darling xx

Why you should wear lipgloss again👄

Hey lovely readers❤️I know I haven’t posted recently and I am so sorry for that as I have been busy with school but as you can tell from the title I am going to be writing a post about lipgloss today. Lipgloss is a very long product to talk about as many people have different ideas about it. Som people may find it sticky and horrible to wear meanwhile others may find lipgloss flattering and a product which can go with anything. In my opinion I love lipgloss and hear are a few reasons why I think you should start wearing It again because as some of you may know it used to be the fashion before matte lipsticks.
A good lipgloss can make your lips appear plumper and give them a nice rounded look

    Because of the way gloss reflects and absorbs light, it can often make one’s lips appear fuller than they actually are. Depending on the quality of the lipgloss depends on how well it does this I would recommend any of the soap and glory lip glosses for the best effects.Lipsticks and liquid lipsticks can sometimes make lips look flat also dry. So if you’re searching for that voluminous touch, just opt for a gloss to get you there.


2. The formula of lipgloss is non drying and moisturising 

  Liquid lipsticks and other kinds of lipsticks which tend to be mattes, are easily drying, and damage the lips if they aren’t moisturised. Don’t even start me on a rant about the stains they can cause 😂. There is one lip product you’ll never have to worry about when it comes to dryness and cracks? Lipgloss. Many of the new formulas companies have brought out are very moisturizing, leaving your lips with a soft feel to them while your lips look glossy and classy. One of my favourite lip glosses for this is Dallas by Benefit as I love the colour but also the way it feels on my lips.
3. You can get so many colours!

The amount of choice in colours you can now get is crazy and goes beyond the classics colours such as nude and pink tones which some people may find boring. There is probably going to be a makeup company somewhere who does the most bizarre colours you could think about from black to purple to yellow you just have to search for them. In addition to from the looks of things statement lip colours are in fashion and why not make a statement with a coloured lipgloss. My favourite company for selection of colours defiantly has to be Make Up Forever as they have a lot of choice I have a plexigloss in the shade 104.
4. It is super easy to apply and re-apply 

Different to other lip products such as lip liners and lipstick, lipgloss is usually easy to apply due to the applicator that come with it. The you don’t require a brush or a mirror as you can just apply it and rub your lips together to spread it out it’s as easy as that. Then when you need to re-apply your lipgloss when your on the go you can just get it out of your bag and swish it on.
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5 products I can’t live without❤️

Hey readers❤️

 So today’s blog post is going to be about 5 makeup products I couldn’t live without. For me I don’t feel like I need to wear a full face of makeup everyday however I do have 5 favourite bits of makeup which I wear in literally every makeup look. So I hope you enjoy reading this post and are having a lovely week so far🌸 now let’s get into the post….

1. My first product which I can’t live without is my ‘BENEFIT THEY’RE REAL’ mascara. This mascar is literally amazing! It really lengthens lashes and draws attention to the eyes. I wear this product everyday, for school I only use it on the top lashes however on the weekend I use it on the upper and lower lashes. For me this mascara is so worth the money as I have the full size also the miniature. I never leave home without putting it on or taking it with me.

2. My second product is the ‘MUA MATTE PERFECT DOUNDATION’ I don’t actually use this product as a foundation but actually as an eyelid primer. It makes my eye makeup look good and stay on all day and for only a £1 it’s affordable and shows you don’t need to spend loads on a specialised ey primer. I love how it’s matte and just leaves a lovely base which is easy to work with. I don’t use this everyday as I don’t wear eye makeup everyday however I always use it when I do decide to do my eye makeup. I recommend anyone looking for an eye primer get this from super drug.

3. My next product is my ‘READY SET BROW GEL FROM BENEFIT’ this eyebrow gel is honestly heaven. My eyebrows always feel the need to move around and ended up looking horrendous so using a brow gel is essential to keeping them in place. At the moment I’m growing my brows so they do look a bit weirdly shaped however when I use the brow gels the hairs can go in the direction I want them. This product is £20 but I have the miniature of it and I love it so much that I will buy the full size when I run out.

4. Now the fourth product is my ‘TOO FACED SWEET TEA BRONZER’ I have talked about this in another blog post but I just love it so much. It can easily bronze my face up and make me look sun kissed in addition to I can use the lighter side of the bronzer to highlight. I find the fact that the bronzer is two halves good as it means you get two shades for one. For bronzing I just mix the two togethe, like I said before for highlighting I use the lighter side and you can also use the product for contouring the eyes. This is a definite in my everyday  makeup routine.

5. My final product is my trusted ‘AVON LIPSTICK’ this lipstick is honestly my favourite lipstick ever. The texture of it is so creamy and the colour pigmentation in it is amazing. My one is in the shade ‘toasted rose’ which is a pinkish purple colour very similar to Mac twig. These lipsticks are so cheap and the quality is so good. The shade range is also quite big so would completely recommend someone to get one. I wear mine all the time and can’t wait to get more.
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Hey readers❤️Today I am going to be reviewing the ‘URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN FOUNDATION’. So the other day I was at the urban decay counter just having a look at their products. I was mainly focusing on their face/base products as I already own some of their eye products. For a while I have been looking for a decent foundation which matches my type of skin. Urban decay have four types of foundations so I asked the makeup artist on the counter which one would be best for me,she recommended the ‘naked skin’ foundation as its a medium coverage and leaves a semi-matte finish for a natural look. She sat me down and colour matched me which was very helpful as I can never pick the correct colour for my self,this means problems when buying a drugstore foundation😟. I then got a two weeks supply of the foundation for free which means I will be able to test it out some more to decide wether or not to buy the full size at £27.
I have now tested this foundation out twice and have had some good results. I have found that this foundation blends really well in to my skin and doesn’t leave me feeling like I have a lot of dirt on my face, some people may relate to this as when you wear certain product it can just feel like you have something bad on your face. While wearing it, I didn’t feel like I was wearing foundation and it looked quite natural on me however it did dry up around my spots which was quite annoying and obviously shows off the imperfections on my face. However I did like the formula as it was quite runny and not thick meaning a little bit went a long way. The first time I use it I didn’t use a primer before wearing it to see what it was like and it didn’t go on very well, then the second time I used the ‘BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL’. When using the primer the foundation went on amazingly so if you are going to try it I would recommend using a primer. You can wear this foundation on its own and it look good but if you want to wear it all day you can set it with powder and it will still look good and not cakey. I feel like I will be able to wear this to school and not look like I’m wearing too much heavy makeup. In my opinion I still feel like I need to continue using this product before I decide wether or not it is worth buying the full size but I do think it is a great foundation which complements the skin. I would recommend this to people who want a natural looking face of makeup and don’t want heavy coverage. Finally if you want to try this foundation or the urban decay all nighter foundation you can for free, you just need to to to an urban decay counter now and request a 2 week free sample. Below is a picture of me wearing the foundation(on the left) excuse the fact I have no other makeup on💜

Thankyou for reading lots of love Evie ❤️

P.s you look wonderful!!